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About the SBIR Connector

The SBIR Connector is a social database that gives you the ability to connect with other entrepreneurs, researchers, and small businesses interested in SBIR/STTR opportunities.

Find the topics that matter.

Whether you are looking for the latest SBIR topics and solicitations or are in need of a business partner with a special set of skills, the SBIR Connector can help you find opportunities tailored to your needs.

  • Step 1. Find a funding opportunity that is right for you
    Search through the database of SBIR/STTR funding opportunities to find the right SBIR/STTR topic.
  • Step 2. Indicate interest in a funding opportunity
    Once you find a topic you are interested in, use the “List Me” button to the right of the topic list to indicate your interest. By clicking this button, your profile information will be listed next to the topic so that other users can contact you about collaborating on a topic.
  • Step 3. Receive notifications when others indicate interest in the same funding opportunity
    When other users indicate interest in a topic on the SBIR Connector platform, all other interested users will be notified.
  • Step 4. Reach out to potential partners
    The SBIR Connector platform gives interested users the opportunity to build a team that is well-positioned to submit an SBIR/STTR proposal to that topic.

Platform Features

Centralized Topics

Open topics and solicitations from every agency are stored and referenced here so that you can find the funding opportunities most relevant to you.

Topic and Partner Matching

Customize your profile to connect with users and topics that are suited to your specific skill set.

Topic Searching and Filtering

Search across all listings to find the topics and solicitations that are most relevant to you.

Automated Reminders

Receive notifications when you match with a topic or partner, or when new solicitations and topics are released.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Catalyst Programs

The Oklahoma Catalyst Programs provide networking, training, and mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business owners in Oklahoma. We are located in Norman, Oklahoma at the Tom Love Innovation Hub on the University of Oklahoma Research Campus, but we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout Oklahoma. We believe that small businesses launching hi-tech companies are our best bet for solving many of the challenges facing Oklahoma and the nation. One of the best tools to help U.S. small businesses fund their research and development is the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program: a $2.5 billion funding opportunity for small businesses to do technology-focused research and development.

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